The Sound of Music / Sakamichi no Apollon(坂道のアポロン)

"My Favorite Things" from film "The Sound of Music"

arranged by Kano Yoko

from animation "Sakamichi no Apollon"

I must say that I like Kano's jazzy arrangement. Not bad.
But the some phrases after "My Favorite Things" always remind me "so what (kind of blue)"...

I don't know how many people have ever seen the film "The Sound of Music."
But I am pretty sure almost everyone know this film and has ever listend to some famous sound pieces.
If you really haven't, you should.
That was one of my favorite film when I was a child.

Cute children

My father owned Laserdisc (LD) when I was in kindergarten.
I am pretty sure some youngsters don't know what LD is.

I love this film so much. I even bought DVD and soundtrack after my dad's LD's gone (in archive?) when I was in college.

My dad had have bunch of LDs...really...a lot.
I remember I watch the very first "Star Wars" and "The Sound of Music" on that machine.
You need audio cassettes to play the sound....with the Laserdisc.

Sometimes, my classmates said "you have a good family" or "your family's rich" to me.
I rarely think about this and neither don't think so, compared with so many truly rich people out of there.

But I changed my mind a little.
I did a very simple presentation about Igor Stravinsky in Academic Speech lecture.
The first presentation is biographic. Kind of piece of cake.
After I finished, the prof. discussed a while with me and said things like this:
"I am sure you have a pretty good family. It's unusual for a young lady has interesting on all genres of music, even Classical, and did the presentation of Igor Stravinsky so well. That appear you have good education."

Maybe it was because I introduced and explained some terminology as polytonality deeply.

Anyway, thanks to my dad.
My father owned good LD machines, very good acoustic system which most family might have not.
For the sake, I watched many films and listend to good music at home since I was in kindergarten.
What makes me today. Although when I was at rebellious age, I wanted to get rid of these stuff, listening to rock music, always acting vulgarly and ridiculously (oh...I think it's my nature), my dad's habits still influence me a lot.

The negative things on it probably is for which I cannot bare bad earphones and lame films after I grow up. And my bad habits to collect CDs, DVDs and books....spending money...


  1. hi i've been reading your blog for a while now, i found it through yamibo
    thanks to your blog i've been introduced to some animes that i normally would not notice
    anyways it's interesting to read about your history with music
    i did notice you seem to listen to quite a wide variety of music
    i must say i envy you for that childhood
    i wish i was exposed to more music when i was young
    i'm rather fond of rock, punk music, metal and such, which i believe is not really your style
    though i recently find jazz and blues to be quite...soothing too
    but anyways, do you play instruments yourself?

  2. First, thanks to your comment.
    I am happy that I can get such compliment for my readera.

    Second, dont take it wrong. I listen to a lot of rock, punk ans electronic music too!!!
    I play drums!!! The most played styles of me is jazz, funk, rock and metal. If u check my profile, u can find out that I listen to rock and punk, not huge portion but still fairly much enough.
    It sounds like u love music too. What instrument u play with.

    Anyway, nice to meet you!!!

    with best regards
    Paris Tung

  3.  Haha, yes you did mention listening to rock in your teens.
    That's great :)

    I play guitar. My band, we just play cover songs.
    We started with jrock at first back in our teenage years, but now we play more genres.
    But we all work now, so we don't get to play half as much as we like to.'s just a hobby now, something we look forward to every week and a time to chill with friends.

    What about you? Do you just jam or play cover or originals?

  4. Guitar! Cool!
    I've once practiced guitar when I was in junior high.
    But I quitted very soon.
    I am very bad on instruments which need complicate fingers' movement.

    Music is also only a habit for me. I just jam. I do want to play with friends, though. I wish to make some tracks by synth and drums myself one day after I have spare time. The genre of tracks with which I want to manage is soundtracks for video clips. --

    With best regards,
    Paris Tung

  5.  Yes, after all these years I can tell you that having some friends to play with is a BIG motivation for you to practise.
    Soundtracks...sounds cool! Maybe you can try composing with software like Apple Logic?

    By the way have you ever considered getting your own domain name? It  probably only costs around USD10/year or something like that. Since you seem to be a pretty active blogger.

  6. Apple…Logic is exactly what I used.
    Besides Logic, I like cubase and other stuffs too.

    I am always thinking about my own domains...
    I've searched many services…
    It's hard to decide one….My first choice might be to make this blogger has my own domain.
    I even created a stupid test site like this:

    But I don't have time to complete the website building work recently...
    Thanks for your appreciation.
    I am really glad.


    With best regards,
    Paris Tung