Airplay crashed.

Twitter draft problem reminds me why I stopped using airplay..and I did it again today.
Airplay is very convenient but also has a lot problems such video sound lag.
My WiFi environment is quite good here, but it still overloading when I tune up music and other devices in the same time.

This is quite funny...........While I was fighting with those tiny numbers in my damn excel tables...
I really want a numeric keyboard...finally.
How many years I don't use it anymore?
Anyway, I am satisfied with some results today. Keep on!

By the way, I didn't sleep last night.
After I managed the damn tables...I am exhausted. Really hope I can finish it today, and go to school on Monday.
I am not teenager anymore, so standing up the night kills me.

Now I really want to do something relief my holy damn stress and exhaustion.

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